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Obsidian Collection

The Obsidian Collection by Luxe Beauty is designed for all lash artists.  We use premium quality Korean PBT fibers and our trays all have 16 lines.   Obsidian is the affordable option for lash artists on a budget, who are looking for high quality product at low prices, and always in stock.   What is the difference between the Obsidian Collection and the Sapphire Collection?  1. The cases that Obsidian come in do not have labeling on top of the tray for easy organization (Sapphire does) 2. Obsidian lashes do not have lengths on each strip (Sapphire does) 3. Obsidian is given our grade B+ for ease of use, curl retention and consistency.  (Sapphire is graded A+). If you're a new artist wanting to carry a variety of curls and lengths for your clients but aren't ready to invest in a premium Collection such as Sapphire, Obsidian is for you!   As always we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all product if it is defective or fails quality standards (see Policies).

Sapphire Collection

The Sapphire Collection by Luxe Beauty is our premium, A+ grade quality line of Eyelash Extensions & Adhesives. As we slowly change branding, some of the Sapphire lashes will still have the old "LuxeLashbyLM" branding & labels, until we have cleared the old stock.  The Sapphire collection was named after its flagship product, Sapphire adhesive, the first Blue Pigmented lash adhesive on the market.   Sapphire lashes come in both Silk & Mink finishes, in a wide variety of curls.  They are the easiest to use, fan & come off the strip with absolute ease, and retain their beautiful dark finish & curl for the length of the lash cycle.

Training & Classes

Luxe Lash offers in-person training at LM Lash Artistry in Maple Ridge, BC. We specialize in Russian Volume training, and also offer: Classic & Volume Combination Certifications Custom Hourly Refresher Courses & Coaching Lash Lift & Tint  Mega & Advanced Volume To keep our students safe we have implemented guidelines and protocols to maintain social distancing and online training as much as possible.